Welcome to mySysters: The symptom tracker and support network for women going through perimenopause or menopause.

mySysters is a social and self-care mobile app to help women manage perimenopause and menopause. Women can track symptoms, print a chart of what they've tracked, and share advice with other women in discussion forums

Take control of your perimenopause experience

No one told us that hot flashes could start in our mid-30s and continue into our 60s. The same for other signs of menopause such as night sweats, migraines, weight gain, anxiety and many other symptoms. The mySysters app was created to help women grow their knowledge and help them to make informed decisions about their own care during this sometimes-difficult stage of life.

myCalendar symptom tracker

A quick and easy way to manage your symptoms. You’ll be able to look for patterns or triggers at a glance thanks to our colour-coded system which displays your more severe symptoms in a deeper colour. Do Mondays always appear darker? Look for lifestyle triggers over the weekend that you can change to provide relief.

myNews menopause information

myNews delivers content on subjects like menopause treatments, symptoms and side effects, with a focus on offering insight and support.

myDay symptom chart

Choose the symptom. Add a personal note if you like. Save. Done!
Before your next doctor visit, tap the Create Report button to create a printable chart of your symptoms and send to your email.

myScene forum

A supportive community of women who share and help each other with all of the issues associated with perimenopause. Advise and learn in our discussion boards where you can create and join groups and connect with other users to discuss whatever may be on your mind.